When Questions Are Answers

Ever wondered how you look like in person?

I do.

A while ago, while I was brushing my teeth and staring at the mirror, I saw the reflection of my father behind me getting a glass of water. I was just surprised when I saw him at the back because I didn’t hear any footsteps and there wasn’t any noise at all. That moment, I asked myself, can the mirror lie?

I looked at my face once more, then a question came running on my mind, is the face I see in the mirror right now, the same face that other people also see? That’s when I wondered how I really look like in person.

Yes, I love taking selfies. Photos suggests that what I see in the mirror and what I see in my camera screen are the same. Of course, they can’t be lying.

But my curiosity didn’t end there. I came to a point where I wanted to meet myself in person. Probably in one of those busy streets, I would suddenly bump into myself (I know it’s not possible and yes, I am totally well.. and I haven’t lost my sanity). But, let us say, it could happen. Would I like what I see? More than that, if I meet myself on a busy street, would I like her? What are her flaws? What would I love about her? Would I like to be friends with her?

If let’s say, I am the man of my dreams, and I finally met ME.. will she be the type whom I would want to know better? Does she have that feminine mystique that would make me more intrigued and challenged? Is she the type whom I see walking down the aisle towards me? Will she fit my qualifications as an ideal woman?

These questions came running through my mind. Questions that are meant to be a reality check for me.

Am I living a life that leads me to discover the person whom God designed me to be?

When questions are answers.


2 thoughts on “When Questions Are Answers

  1. A great way to measure yourself against the Bible’s call for us. We have some pretty high standards to live to, but we have a sweet Savior who gives us daily strength. Its convicting to think “what if Jesus was standing in the room right now, what would he see in me?!” But He is there. And He does see you, but He sees someone He adores and loves and died for. Despite our ‘ugliness’, a repentant and willing heart for Jesus is the most beautiful thing to Him!


    1. Thank you for dropping by and for posting this enlightening comment @anewlywed! I agree. Despite our flaws..He still loves us more that what we can imagine. The bible says “When we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” And through His blood, we were washed clean, we are without blemish..and white as snow.
      Let us continue to put this in mind as we face the world every waking moment! Continue to shine, beautiful woman of God. ♡


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