When God Surprises You

Last month, I went on a vacation trip with my whole family to celebrate my birthday in a beautiful beach resort. They have nice guest rooms, a clean pool, and of course, a breathtaking view of the beach. However, I found myself looking for a spot that seems to be missing…

Watching the sunsrise and the sunset are two main reasons why I always love going to the beach. Unfortunately, our hotel’s location was facing the opposite direction from where the sun sets. I got a bit sad because witnessing the majestic sunset on the day before my birthday was on top of my birthday bucketlist.

But then, I always tell myself that God had other plans. And His plans are better… No, they’re actually the best.

So while I was checking out our room, I was surprised to see this framed photograph of a perfect sunset view! Well, I also checked out the other rooms and found out that every room had a different photograph hanging on the wall.

2015-10-13 23.06.32

This just proves that God is really mindful of us. He knows the desires of our heart. Sometimes, He grants our prayers..but in a different way and we hardly notice it. But if we learn to look around and appreciate every single thing around us, we will also see the blessings and the answers to our prayers that we didn’t know were there all along 🙂

I may not  have seen an actual beach sunset, but the one in the frame was exactly what I have pictured in my mind.. and
for me, it is perfect. 🙂 and I am truly grateful to God for this surprise!

His plans > Our plans

Look around you, what blessings did you discover today?
Thank God for them!


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