ONE Big Goal

My dear beloved,

It’s been a long time since I last wrote you a letter. I hope you’re doing well. As for me, well… I can say that I’m doing great. By the grace of God, I’m still here… alive and kicking, still patiently waiting for the climax of this love story that God has been writing for us.

Last month, I spent almost the entire month in the mission field. It was another unforgettable experience. The Lord continues to level up on His works every time. But what I loved most about this recent mission trip was that He has dealt greatly with my character. I guess He’s working double time to prepare me for your arrival. There were lots of challenges that we encountered as a team, and a lot more challenges I encountered as an individual: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The Lord knew that He needed to refine me in certain areas of my life as an individual in order for me to be used effectively as part of a team. Someday, we’ll be a team as well. I am going to be your spiritual cheerleader, your armor bearer, your partner in advancing God’s Kingdom and (hopefully) everything that God has called me to be when He will finally give me my rightful position as your wife.

For now, let us enjoy this season of equipping and preparation for another great ministry that we are praying for. Be strong in facing the battles where God has called you to be His soldier. Likewise, I pray that you would have the discernment you need, to recognize that there are some battles that you don’t need to face. I pray that you would choose your battles wisely. I am confident that you would always emerge victorious because you have a great God that always goes ahead of you.

I remember what my friend told me years ago. She said, “Someday you will have a big goal and you’ll have to share it with someone.” I know I cannot be alone in this great ministry that I am praying for (marriage and family). That is why I am confident that God has sent you to be my partner in this great endeavor. A partner who has a Kingdom mindset; a partner who loves God more than He loves me; a partner who has a passion for Jesus and His ministry; a partner whose goal in life is to be Christlike, more than any other..and lastly, a partner who will lead me and our children to pursue the will of God in our lives.

I will be forever grateful to God for your life. Stay strong and patient.. enduring and persevering. As we leave the pen to our wonderful Creator, let us believe for a great and awesome story ahead of us. ♡

Keeping you in my prayers. . .


Your bride, Your Princess,



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