Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire

God will always lead us to the things that we are passionate about from the very beginning because they are our calling. We don’t lose our passion, we abandon it on our way to searching for comfort. Most of the time, the road to pursuing our passion ain’t easy. For if it was, we wouldn’t develop perseverance– which is the very thing we need to be able to go further. But take comfort in knowing that everything you pursue with passion, though hard, is always a delight to do. You’ll never get tired of doing it, with or without pay..with or without recognition. That’s the magic of passion.

It is that deep desire burning in your heart to do something. Everyone is gifted with a certain passion. What were you called to do that kept on pursuing you? What burdens kept on pressing into your heart no matter how many times you walk away from it or talk yourself out of it? What gets you off of that couch? What makes you get out of bed in the morning?
That must be you passion.

Pursuing what you were really called to do will benefit many. There is a certain calling that is tailored-fit just for you. Only YOU can do it.. efficiently and excellently because you were born for that craft. Don’t throw excellence away and settle for what just “pays the bill.” However, it is important to take note that pursuing your passion entails a lot of sacrifice. You have to swim against the current. Sometimes, you’ll be left behind and won’t catch up with the flow of the world. But always remember that you are just ‘in the world but not ‘of the world’. Therefore there is no need to catch up. God’s timing will always be right. Your obedience to God’s timetable will always be your security that you are still on the right track and that you are ‘still in the fastest route’ like what Google Maps always say.


Bloom in the original soil where you were planted.

Bring light to the dark dungeons assigned to you.

Speak in the places where your words are needed.

Sing hymns where your melody is appreciated.

Conquer those mountains that your feet were called to climb.

Dive into the depths of the oceans beyond submarine limits.

Set your foot on those territories that the Lord has delivered into your hands.

Touch those delicate hearts that need your encouragement.

Spread the Good News.

Live for Christ.

And don’t forget to write your story for the benefit of future generations.

Christ found His passion on the cross. There was a time when He almost begged the Father to take the cup of suffering away from Him because He thought that He couldn’t take it anymore…

But what enabled Him to say “Not my will be done, but yours” ??? It is none other than PASSION.

The PASSION of Christ is what saved you and me. Passion makes the impossible, possible.

Are you willing to pursue your passion for the benefit of many?


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